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Why choose an ottoman bed over a bed with drawers?

Posted 11th March 2011

Before we get into the whys and wherefores of which type of storage bed is better it’s probably worth a quick recap of the differences.

An ottoman bed typically lifts up to reveal a large area of storage under the mattress. In a good quality example – such as those from The Storage Bed Company - the storage area will have a base or lining to keep everything clean, dust free and off the floor.

52 438x356 Why choose an ottoman bed over a bed with drawers?

Ottoman beds look great and provide masses of practical storage.

A bed with drawers will have a normal divan with drawers in the base. They’re usually available in a large range of styles and prices vary hugely. They’re ok as singles but anything bigger and the large drawers become unwieldy and drop into the frame making access difficult.

Far better though in many ways is the ottoman, lift-up storage bed. Ours have been made with strong mechanisms that make it easy to access the storage area over and over again as many times a day as you need. The mattress and bedding are held in place and raised high enough to easily get to everything – even stuff stored at the back.

With Storage Bed Company ottoman beds there’s a choice of having the bed opening at the Side or End or with our specialist Alto mechanism that raises the whole mattress.

Ottoman beds and storage beds with drawers look quite different too. Lift up ottoman beds keep the fact they’re storage beds hidden so can be upholstered or finished in whatever you like. The Storage Bed Company has a lovely range of finishes — from beautiful leather to stunning high gloss. Have a look at the Fabrics page.

Ottoman beds and beds with drawers are both types of bed with underneath storage. But as you now know they’re really quite different.

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