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Storage beds with interest free credit from The Storage Bed Company

Posted 19th September 2012

Here at the Storage Bed Company we sell only the very best storage beds.  We’d be the first to admit that we’re not the cheapest, but after all high quality storage beds don’t come cheap. A cheaper storage bed may cost less but it won’t last as long or – more importantly – be either as comfortable or as easy to use.  As a company we’ve chosen to focus on giving you fantastic storage beds that are great value for money. And for the first time we’d like to make things a little bit easier for your offering our storage beds with interest free credit.

Until now we’ve always asked for payment in full at the time the order is placed (after all we make each and every storage bed to order) but for the first time we’re now able to offer:


Split payments

Pay half when you order and then the balance just before delivery, usually around six week later. A great option if you’re looking to spread the payments a little. (This option is available for Debit card payments only – please call us for more information or if you’re ready to order.)

0% Interest free credit over nine months

Spread the cost of your storage bed over nine months – interest free. (Applies to orders over £1500 The total amount for the storage bed is paid in nine equal payments starting at the point of order. There are no interest charges but there is a one-off administration and set-up fee of £39.00)


Times are tough for everyone right now and we hope that by giving you storage beds with interest free credit and the chance to spread the payments we’re also giving you the opportunity to have the storage bed of your dreams. Why compromise with something cheaper that won’t be anything like as comfortable or last anything like as long when you can have the best?

2 300x244 Storage beds with interest free credit from The Storage Bed Company

Storage beds with interest free credit from The Storage Bed Company.

To be able to offer storage beds with interest free credit we have been carefully checked by the relevant authorities and have all the appropriate licences. We hope you understand that we will have to carry out a few checks on you too. Nothing too arduous, but that way we all know our money is safe.


The Storage Bed

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